What should I expect from the sessions?

You can expect to feel nurtured and guided as we enter a calming space with a sense of community and support. Each session is uniquely designed to work on different things such as opening hips, setting intentions or chakra balancing. 

How does it work?

Each gathering takes place via Zoom, which can be used either on your computer or mobile phone. It's free for you to join.

After you purchase your chosen Sage and Self session pack, I'll email you with the details about joining, so make sure you use a valid email account at the checkout. Please make sure you purchase more than 6 hours before the next session. The email you receive is not automated, so I'll need time to process your purchase. 

How is this different from Instagram Live or YouTube?

The Sage and Self gatherings are different from yoga apps and other video platforms because I am here with you throughout the practice, I'm aware of your limits and achievements so I can guide and encourage you little by little. The sessions are personalised and intimate, I'm here to offer you my time and care as well as listen to your feedback.

How is it different from a real yoga shala?

It's different in the sense that you'll be practicing from a space in your home. This means that it's down to you to set the mood and energy. You can do this by opening the windows before for fresh air, putting on a candle or incense, you can make the space sacred by creating an altar and meditating regularly in that space.

When should I sign into the session?

Please sign into the session 5 minutes early where you will enter a waiting room. Once you join, you can sit or lie in a comfortable position and begin to focus on your breathe as you create a space in your day for peace and presence.

Should I leave my video on during the practice?

Yes, if you can, position your camera so I can see you, this way I can make the practice more personalised and offer verbal support and adjustments. If you don't feel comfortable, you can of course turn your camera off.

What about the microphone?

Upon entering the session, all microphones will be automatically muted so as not to disturb one another. After the practice, everyone will be able to speak as normal and ask any questions or share feedback.

Will there be music?

No. But if you'd like to play your own music you can do since your microphone will be muted. You can also listen to my recommended playlists on Spotify:




What if I need to leave the practice early?

The savasana pose at the end of the practice is a really beneficial posture, but if you need to sneak away, that's fine. Unlike a normal session in a shala, the others will be left undisturbed.

I'm new to yoga, can I still join?

Anyone is welcome to join any class but if you're new to the practice, please let me know in advance so I can give you some advice on which sessions have a more introductory level.

I recommend that you always listen to your body and if you feel tired or if you experience any discomfort, calmly come out of the posture and rest. 

If you have anymore questions, contact me. Otherwise, I hope to see you soon!

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