About Lyd

Until I began practicing yoga about 6 years ago, I had never really connected with my body and mind in such a profound way. I found a refuge and a deep sense of self awareness in both the physical practice and yogic philosophy. Through personally experiencing the benefits of the practice, I felt compelled to delve further and so I completed my yoga training at the beginning of 2018 in Rishikesh with Surinder Singh Ji.

After a further nine months of self study, I began sharing the practice locally. My intention was always to create a space for people to heal and explore a deep sense of physical and mental self connection.

When sharing the practice of yoga, I adjust verbally as I encourage you to be aware of each part of your body. I guide with care, and without pressure, inviting you to choose adjustments which best work for your body. I aim to bring you support and community, on and off the mat. Wherever you are on your yoga path, I hope I can contribute somehow.

- Lyd


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