The Practice

Sage and Self

Sage and Self is an online space for yoga lovers to practice and study Hatha yoga together. We gather a few times a week and share the journey as we work through pranayamic breathwork, physical asanas, guided meditation and yogic philosophy.

Hatha yoga is a 'firm but gentle' kind of practice. On first glance, it may seem gentle but as your practice develops, you'll learn to ground yourself thoroughly, activate the necessary muscles and align your body. You may find that you'll move into asanas on a deeper level as you challenge yourself to balance the forces of your body...

"Believe nothing until you find it out for yourself: through the practice of yoga may you realise the intimate connection between the body and the mind. If the body is sick, the mind becomes sick also. And if the body is healthy, the mind remains healthy and strong." - Swami Vivekananda.


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